Diesel stations and generators are the most common sources providing electricity in the world. Also, they are widely used in areas where electricity distribution and provider operators aren’t accessible.

EnSol is one of the leading companies operating in power generation, transmission-system construction and service on the local market. Our partnering companies: TEKSAN (Turkey) and PRAMAC (Italy) are well-known on the occasion of high-quality and standards.

TEKSAN, which aims to deliver uninterrupted power solutions to the people through sustainable improvement and innovation, designs high quality diesel, natural and biogas driven generator sets, gasoline generators, cogeneration-trigeneration solutions and hybrid power systems that exceed the expectations of the customers.

Perkins Engine


Doosan Engine


Baudoin Engine


The Italian company PRAMAC stands out with its technological innovations and high-quality products assembled by only the best components. The company has 50 years’ experience of manufacturing products that satisfy even the most demanding and pretentious customer needs.

GX Series


GB Series


GS Series



During the years of activity, EnSol has deliver and install more than 1000 diesel generator systems. Below, you will find short descriptions for some of our projects.


With this Blog articles we want to share our knowledge and experience with you. We hope you will find useful all those common problems and everyday situations we run into while working on building Diesel Generator based solutions.


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